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Plastic Oval Road Stud with Glass Bead

Plastic Oval Road Stud with Glass Bead

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Road studs, also called raised pavement marker , Botts` dots, cat`s eyes, or road turtles are used for lane delineation, especially during the hours of darkness and adverse weather conditions. They delineate the roads at the center and at the edges, mark the parkings in car parks, traffic islands, the entrances of shopping malls, gas stations and sites, Raised pavement marker ensure high visibility with cat’s eye or reflectors. Some studs are mounted with epoxy on the road surface, others are fixed with single or double shanks. Solar road studs are just like reflective road studs but use solar energy to power embedded LED lights. They are made of metal or durable tempered glass and can withstand a weight of ca.40 tons.

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