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Bicycle Parking Places

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Results found: 14

What is a Bicycle Parking Lot ?
Bicycle parking lot or briefly bicycle parking is a product that ends bicycle clutter and creates a safe and orderly parking space.

In order to reduce the increasing number of vehicles due to increasing population, traffic intensity in cities and pollution, local authorities encourage the use of bicycles . Along with increased environmental awareness, the importance of using bicycles as an environmentally friendly, economical and practical means of transportation is increasing day by day. The use of bicycles also brings with it the problem of bicycle parking. Bicycle parking is the solution to this problem. Designed in different sizes, bicycle parks offer safe parking while ending the bicycle clutter. Whether you use a outdoor or indoor area, the bike park is made from stainless steel and will last a long time. The stainless feature can be obtained with stainless material or galvanizing method. Hot dip galvanizing should be preferred… Parking lots with standart spacing dimensions and staggered height design offers ergonomic parking. If the park anchors are made of full material, like transmission shafts the park lots will be more stabil.

Bicycle Parking Lot Dimensions
Parking lots that are not produced on standard gauges will not eliminate bicycle clutter. Bicycles that are tilted or do not fit in the parking lot are the result of a faulty bicycle park. Minimum distance for each bicycle parking should be 35 cm.Complying with this measure double, triple, quadruple parking lots can be manufactured.

Bicycle Parking Lot Prices
Bicycle Parking lot prices change according to the metal or plastic material from which it is produced. Bicycle parking lots produced from weather resistant, non-rusting, not easily bent, puncture resistant materials should be preferred. These bicycle parks will be the right choice because of their long life; despite their high cost compared to their counterparts.