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Bollards are short posts that create a physical barrier guiding traffic , protecting pedestrians and properties. They are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Bollards also provide visual indicators around sensitive areas such as exposed building areas, parking attendant booths or pedestrian walkways. Bollards also segment bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to ensure safety for all modes of transportation.
Bollards can be made from almost any material, depending on their needed function, but the most common bollards are metal, stone, cement, or plastic. While for guiding purposes mainly flexible PPC or plastic posts are used, for security purposes vehicle impact resistant steel or concrete bollards are used.
In parking areas and restricted access roads where temporary or seasonal access is required retractable bollards can be installed. These bollards can be raised or lowered manually or automatically.
Traffic posts are produced in a high variety of shapes, dimensions. and colours. Their reflective colours and surfaces  ensure  high visibility . Plastic or rubber posts are flexible ( flexing up to 90 degrees without losing shape or form), durable and impact resistant.  
Posts and bollards can be linked with chains to form security lanes for vehicles or pedestrians. 

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