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A delineator is a simple guide that tells pedestrians and motorists which way to go. Using a delineator is an effective way to safely redirect traffic away from potentially harmful situations. There are a variety of delineators in various shapes and sizes to suit all the possible situations encountered by pedestrians and motorists. Impact - resistant and flexible delineators are made of TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane - highly versatile elastomer) ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important, including exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, centerline traffic separation or urban turn restrictions. They can be als used in no-parking zones, fire lanes, etc. High visibility is maintained by reflective sheeting or reflective collars.
Delineator Dimensions
The height of the delineator posts are 30, 45, 75 and 100 cm, meeting the traffic standards. In urban traffic, mainly thin posts with 8 cm diameterare used, posts with 9 and 10 cm diameter are preferred for highways and traffic islands.

Delineator Quality
Which delineator is the appropriate one for you ? The material and reflectivity deteemines the quality of the delineator. The delineators material must ensure that it is neither too stiff nor too fast to break, nor too flexible and unstable. The weight and thickness also specify the quality of a delineator. We recommend delineators produced by Asya Trafik or Evelux. Delineators produced by Asya Trafik can equipped with signboards, chain or triangular solar flashers, without any additional cost.
Color Options
The most known and preferred colour because of its high visibility is phosphorized orange. Additional available colours are green, yellow, black and white. The UV resistant products can be used in extreme weather conditions without any colorfading.

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