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Percent of 85 of Kasva Traffic products are manufactured in Turkey. We are producing basic traffic equipments such as speed bumps, delineators, flashing studs, signalization and intersection controlling units, bike parks, traffic cones and traffic signboards.
In our fast-paced world, where, people are rushing around and changing places, the importance of carrying a rapid, safety and regular traffic will be accepted by everyone. It is our basic production approach that people can reach their destinations in time, in a safe way, without fatigue. Therefore, every product produced in our training facilities contains ergonomic, long-lasting and functional features.
KasvaTraffic products have the certificates of ISO 9001: 2008 quality, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 18001: 2007 occupational Health and Safety. The water and dust proof features of our products are due to the IP 54, IP 55, IP 65 ve IP university technical committee reports. Our traffic control signals have TS EN 12368/2010 certification. Intersection control devices have TS HD 638 and TS EN12675 certificates. We also have a Capacity Report and Industry Registration Certificate, which contains many products for our overseas exports.
Kasva Traffic sees its presence as a reason to maintain "honest business" consciousness at the customer by establishing customer relationship on openness principle, starting from the right product selection to after-sales technical services
Our Traffic Safety products are produced in accordance with the "IP Protection against Dust and Tox" Standard. LED and Electrical products have different IP certifications (IP 54, IP 55, IP 65, IP 67) according to their products class. Our traffic safety products are passed through electrical, electronical, water and dust protection tests before shipment and then packed.
Kasva Traffic aims to provide services to its customers without compromising the principles of business life that it develops, protects and develops by providing all kinds of resource needs. The primary criterion of our company is not the "price", but the "quality"of the products. Working with the world`s leading suppliers, our company supplies reliable and quality materials to its customers in the most suitable conditions.
We are proud of the contribitons of our products to the human life, which provide safety in centrums, parking areas and highways. Because of that; every solution that we offer is for us not “ only a job” it is the way to minimize the risk of danger and maximize the efficiency and productivity. Our biggest honor is the contribution of our products which provides safety in local, parking areas, places where traffic density to the human life. Thats why, we regard every solution we serve up as not “only a job” approach of with the maximization of efficiency and performans, minimization of danger risk.
Kasva Traffic produces according to , ISO 9001:2008 Quality, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007 Job Security and Health standarts. Kasva Traffic warrants to the customers for the products and workmanship.

Kasva Traffic Inc. meets universal quality standards and manufactures the products according to the national and international standards with using the newest opportunities of technology.  We have ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, 18001:2007 Quality Guarantee Certificates.

Kasva Traffic has additionally, IP 54, IP 55 ,IP 65 and IP 67 University Technical Committee Reports (protection towards dust and water) for our different types of products. The signal heads have TS EN 12368/2010 Certificate. Moreover, we have TS HD 638 and TS EN 12675 certificates for junction control devices. Also Kasva Traffic has capacity report for exporting and industrial qualification certificate.


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