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Line Marking

Our professional installation team is giving floor marking service for every kind of floor marking, like urban and express ways, parking garages , parking lots, warehouse interior and exterior floor marking. With our quality floor marking machines the requested marking/painting applications will be carried out quickly, in proper way and time.

Parking Garage Applications
We offer turn key floor marking projects for shopping center, trade center, public institution and site parking garages. All kinds of garage security marking like striping of walls and columns, signing of hazardous areas, numbering of parking lots, painting of orientation arrows and information signs, marking of pedestrian lanes and aisles will be realized by our technical team in accordance with standarts and modern designs.

Parking Lot Applications
Our marking team offers suitable designs and solutions for parking lots of sites, shopping centres and trade centres. With our projects you will get the maximum number of parking spaces in yout paking lot. The periodic maintenance of your parking lot carried out by our technical team will save your time and reduce your equipment and personnel costs. Parking lot designs conforming to the standarts will prevent accidents and organize a safe parking lot.

Warehouse Applications
Our fully trained installation team creates warehouse inside marking projects including walkways, storage lanes, aisle markings, numbering and other necessary floor marking designs. Warehouse outdoor marking including handling area marking, floor information signing, personnel and guest vehicle parking area is also fullfilled by our technical team. Kasva is experienced in working with new build sites and operational facilities to ensure timely delivery of floor marking installations .

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