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Medium Size Beacons

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Beacon Lamp MS-1100 Yellow 12 Power LED

MS-1100 Sarı Y
924,00 SEK

Beacon Lamp MS-1106 Yellow 6 Power LED

MS-1106 Sarı Y
768,00 SEK

Beacon Lamp MS-1106 Red 6 Power LED

MS-1106 Kırmızı Y
768,00 SEK

Beacon Lamp MS-1106 Red 12 Power LED

MS-1100 Kırmızı Y
924,00 SEK

Beacon Lamp MS-1100 Green 12 Power LED

MS-1100 Yeşil Y
924,00 SEK

Beacon Lamp MS-1106 Green 6 Power LED

MS-1106 Yeşil Y
768,00 SEK
Results found: 6

What are emergency & warning lights ?
Emergency & warning lights are visual warning lights that allow the police, gendarmerie, fire, wrecker, ambulance, funeral, escort, road maintenance, private security, etc. vehicles to be noticed in the traffic. They are fastened with screws or with high-grippers on the top of the vehicles. Emergency lights with sound or without sound effects are available. Emergency lights are mainly LED-based because of several reasons. Light - emitting diodes are small, completely solid state, very power-efficient, long-lasting (as they have no filaments to burn out) and can be seen very easily even at great distances and in sunlight.

Emergency & Warning Light Types
Emergency & warning lights come in a variety of types like light bars, mini light bars, cylindrical warning lights, beacon lamps and vertex beacon lamps.

Light bars are placed in the ceiling front section of the vehicles. Their length range varies from 110 cm to 145 cm, and they are suitable for all emergency vehicles like police, fire trucks, wreckers, ambulance and funeral vehicles. Their working voltage can be depending on the vehicle 12 V or 24 V.

Mini light bars are produced in the range of 30-70 cm and can be used with or without the long type light bars.

Cylindrical warning lamps are in cylinder format and they were used in police, fire, ambulance vehicles in old times, but nowadays they have left their places to light bars. Cylindrical warning lamps are currently used in vehicles such as road maintenance vehicles, garbage trucks, snow plow vehicles, road sweeping vehicles.

The beacon / vertex lights are cylindrical in shape and placed on the top of the vehicle as a magnetic top light. Vertex lights are powered from the cigarette lighter plug, have a charging feature and can be operated for a long time without needing an additional electrical source except their own battery. The device has indicators that indicate the battery status.

Siren – Speaker Systems
Siren and speaker systems can be used alone or combined with emergency lights. The siren/speaker device can be installed with the emergency lights and the synchronized use of the two devices will be ensured.