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Projects & Applications

Kasva carries out vertical and horizontal floor marking applications for
1- Parking lots and parking garages
2- Sport complexes
3- Trade centres and shopping centres
4- Factories and industrial facilities
5- State roads, city roads, site roads
Ergonomic, safe and economical implementation of these applications is possible with right planning and preparation.
Our installation team establishes a schedule for the customer to use in pre-planning the installation progress. This schedule includes the following items.
1. Requirements for max. efficiency in the application area
2. Approximate cost
3. Requirements for safe traffic
4. Requirements for safe parking and routing
5. Material requirements
6. Proposals for alternative routes
7. Required arrangements for all traffic participants (sidewalks, disabled park etc)
8. Standarts and measurements
9. Legislative regulations
In addition to being able to carry out large projects such as shopping centers, it is also our task to produce individual projects with apartment and site managers.
Our pre-planning process goes as follows.
1. The customer submits the request
2. Survey team makes a site survey and takes the measurements
3. CAD drawing of the site is prepared
4. The traffic engineer makes the design
5. After the cost approval installation date is set
6. Installation team starts the application
7. After installation first on place check occurs
8. If necessary, additional modifications or /and product enhancements are made
9. 10 days after delivery of work second check occurs
We are focused on providing recommendations that work  and believe site surveys are extremely important to help identify floor surface conditions, access issues as well as to help us understand the customer requirements. Also of importance are the customer’s expectations, so discussions over performance and budgets are crucial. 
We are also ready to fulfill our customers on hand projects in time and most suitable and cost effective way. 



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